A few words from our many satisfied customers

“We had the best experience working with BLACK TIE PUBLISHING. You may have already seen the digital copy of our vendor booklet, but the printed copy is even more beautiful. The quality of the paper and the crisp images are amazing. Our brides love it!

But the best part was working with Ron and Nancy Feller. What a great team! They made everything easy for us from start to finish. Ron designed and laid out our booklet and Nancy coordinated with all the vendors. They did all the work and delivered the booklets on time. And we love having a digital copy of the booklets on our website for all our potential clients to see.

We recommend BLACK TIE PUBLISHING without qualification.”

“We received our beautiful wedding brochure and are just ecstatic. The book is beautiful, the depth of color and layout are better than ever. It is always a pleasure to work with your company. We so appreciate your diligence. It has been a wonderful journey working with Black-Tie Publishing and I look forward to future brochures.”

“The Misselwood brochure is gorgeous. Our clients, vendors and colleagues have all expressed their delight in the finished product! Needless to say, we are all very pleased with our decision to work with Black-Tie Publishing on this project. The dedication and professionalism your company have displayed is spectacular. It was truly a pleasure working with you. I look forward to our partnership in the years ahead.”

“The guide is done in such fine taste. Your pricing is fair and competitive as well. The return on the money has been tenfold and more. We know we have made the right choice to be a part of the brochure.”

“We just received our magazine and IT IS MAGNIFICENT! We feel it is not only a wonderful representation of our community but, of our chamber membership. Your thoughtfulness and care in putting this magazine together is fully realized in the professional presentation Just Vows represents. Your team was very diligent in recruiting contributors and advertisers resulting in a great end product. It has been a pleasure partnering with Black-Tie Publishing on the publication of the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s magazine Just-Vows – Celebrating your Wedding & Style, South Florida’s Gay & Lesbian Resource Guide. As this is meant to be an annual publication, we look forward to collaborating with Black-Tie Publishing on this and other projects in the future.”

“I want to take a moment and thank you for all of your help, support, care and patience in producing our beautiful book. Through my years in this industry I have had the privilege of working with some of the best and you are certainly up there! Kudos to your team!!!”

“Working with Black Tie Publishing is such a pleasure. Each year they work closely with us and our supporting vendors to create a beautiful publication that gets our information directly into the hands of our customers and continues to showcase Deering Estate and our supporting vendors even after they leave our property. This is a necessary marketing tool for us.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Black Tie Publishing for over 15 years on our Event Planner Magazine. I have been approached by other companies, but none who provide the personal service and commitment that Black-Tie Publishing has shown. Their honesty and integrity is a large part of the reason they are so successful. In addition to providing a quality product, they go out of their way to assist their clients, both venues and vendors, in all areas of marketing and networking. They have always gone above and beyond what I have expected and have been true professionals in their field!”

“Please accept this letter as bearing the highest possible recommendation of Black-Tie Publishing. Prior to working with Black-Tie we had been involved with an out of state publisher who had become indifferent and unprofessional in dealing with the vendors. Our recommended vendors all have been very pleased with Black-Tie and their professionalism. Even more impressive is the quality and the creativity in their brochure – we have reached a new level with Black-Tie. We simply can’t say enough about the quality product and professional service and recommend them to other hotels and clubs.”

“We just wanted to drop a line and tell how pleased we are with the book. Took it to our bridal show on Sunday and went through 150 brochures in 2 hours, the response was overwhelming. All I kept hearing is what wonderful handouts we had and how no other venue’s marketing material even came close. I have been bombarded with emails and phone calls nonstop for 2 days now! You guys are the best and I want to thank you for being such a big part of our success. Here’s to next year!”

“Black-Tie Publishing helped our country club develop marketing programs to attract new customers, increase sales and profits, at no cost to us. The expertise they brought to the table, at both traditional and internet marketing, has enabled us to increase special event revenues from $200,000 to over $700,000 in only three years.”

“Because of the elegant, high quality print and online publication that was produced by Black-Tie Publishing, we have doubled our income from rentals for weddings, social and corporate events over the past five years. As a 501 c3 organization, with a limited budget for marketing, adverting and printing, we benefit from the professionalism and expertise of Black-Tie Publishing, who contact our vendors, design and print a beautiful and effective promotional vehicle for the Garden with no capital outlay on our part.”

“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful brochure you created for my properties. It is so rare in this world to have something that “sounds too good to be true” actually come out better than too good!! Not only am I extremely pleased with your work but our clients are equally impressed. Your patience and professionalism really made the difference as I know I am not easy to please. I really appreciate all your efforts and look forward to working with you again. You created exactly what I needed and was looking for.”

“Thank you for your guidance in preparing our Event Planner brochure. We have had great feedback with the presentation. We will use our brochure to help our clients choose Hillcrest Country Club for their next event, and guide them to our professional team of vendors.”

“Just returned to the office to find the beautiful Hyatt Regency Newport special event brochure. The stunning photos combined with a great publishing job really makes this piece an eye catcher. Looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Black-Tie Publishing.”

“Our publication would not have been made possible without the extraordinary help and guidance from both of you. Our brochure is truly beautiful and professional as a sales and marketing tool for our clients who are planning a social or corporate event at Trump Sonesta. You have helped us capture what our hotel represents to set us apart from our competition.”

“We are thrilled with the finished product. The brochure has become a INTEGRAL part of our sales process. Our wedding sales have actually increased since we started to distribute the publication with our wedding packages. The visuals along with hand selected vendors that we have chosen to work with our clients makes this a win win for all.”

“Our clients have given us good feedback on this brochure. They can take it home, review it, and use it as a guide for their special event. Our brochure is certainly an essential selling tool to have in the social events market.”

“Black-Tie Publishing coordinated all aspects in a professional detailed plan allowing it to be one of the easiest projects ever. The publication has given our clients the visual enhancement to imagine their most important day!”

“We have been in business for over 30 years. Dollar for Dollar, Black-Tie Publishing is the best investment we have ever made.”

“I have been approached by many companies. Advertising with Black-Tie Publishing has been a delightful experience. Your style is superior and professional. Your company deserves a standing ovation for helping my business grow. This is great exposure.”

“I wanted to thank you for your help over the years. Your honesty and warmth has always impressed me, and I never felt pressured. I wish other people in the service business could be as warm and helpful as you.”

“The book looks great and it has been a valuable closing tool, especially for the out-of-town brides due to its vibrant and informative content.This is a great opportunity for our vendors to showcase their work and gain exposure to over a thousand potential clients. I highly recommend Black-Tie Publishing to any hotel or catering facitiliy.”

“We had an outstanding working experience in creating our event planner brochure for Grove Isle Resort and Club. Black-Tie Publishing stands for elegance, professionalism and classiness. It was a huge pleasure working with them from start to finish. Their design team offered so much help and guidance in producing an outstanding piece that is exciting not only for our resort, but for our clients and vendors as well.”

“With all the people you have introduced me to you have broadened my field of business. Both of you are always willing to share which is what makes you special – you are a fountain of information. I strongly suggest that any vendor touch base with you for your expertise.”

“What a true pleasure it is to work with the team at Black-Tie Publishing. Your knowledge, contacts and experience helped me grow my business within the industry.”

“Thank you for working with us on several projects. We have been getting great feedback. Our business has expanded as we have expanded our market base.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Black-Tie Publishing. As you know there is no shortage of places to spend advertising dollars, but few are as effective as your brochures. The quality of the publication is top notch. What is even better than the product is the service. Not many times do you encounter a company that truly looks out for their customers like you do. Your brochures are an excellent resource for the customer that provides good information about the property and an array of professional vendors at the time the client may be looking for them.”

“Our wedding and event magazine is an essential marketing tool us. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with the quality and professionalism of the print and digital publication that Black-Tie Publishing creates for us each year. We give it to our prospects that come to visit our venue – the majority have been turned into valuable clients mostly brides. You can only imagine that these brides have visited many venues and ours always stands out and is remembered because of our magazine. Working with Black-Tie Publishing has been a joy. Their patience, guidance and attention to detail is outstanding. Additionally they have introduced us to so many top professionals in the industry that has increased our business substantially. We wholeheartedly endorse them to any venue that is looking to grow their business.”

“For many years, Black -Tie Publishing has designed and produced our primary printed and digital marketing materials. Partnering with Black-Tie Publishing is a distinct pleasure as they work closely and patiently with us produces our magazine that truly reflects the personality of our venue. We are proud to distribute our Black-Tie booklet to every prospective client, online and in person. The publication that we give to our clients is an essential key to our success and in booking new clients.”

“I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Nancy and Ron Feller, owners of Black-Tie Publishing. I have known Nancy and Ron for about fifteen years. We meet when I started to work as an event manager at Douglas Entrance. They helped me to create a marketing plan to increase my sales. They created for our event location a beautiful preferred vendors resource magazine that we give to all of our clients. It has all the necessary information about our venue to help our clients make a positive decision to have their event with us. I have found them very honest, hard working very creative and courteous. It has been an exceptional experience to be able to work with them and also be their friend. Their work has brought me a lot of success and great exposure to our venue.”

“I would like to put in a good word for Black Tie Publishing who has been instrumental in producing our Wedding Brochure for my duration here at Hyatt Regency Newport for the last 4.5 years. Working together, they were very flexible with our changes to the layout and open and co-creative in the process. They keep on task with a lot of one-on-one time on the phone to ensure that the book gets published in a timely manner, and they do all of the legwork with getting the vendors on board to advertise. The quality of the printing and either the matte or gloss pages are top-notch and I can say that without these books, my sales folder and brochure link would not be as polished. Pictures say a thousand words, and Nancy and Ron can make it happen for you.”

“Nancy and Ron Feller not only publish a beautiful magazine, they care about the people they work with. When I first advertised with them, I was expecting a bigger response from the publication. So when it came time to renew my ad, I declined. But then I started to receive calls from the first publication I advertised in. I hadn’t taken into account that brides book out in advance so the book had to catch up with the bride! So the 2nd year, when I didn’t renew my ad, I received many calls and booked many brides but that was from the first year’s ad. The third year nothing. The reason was that I hadn’t advertised the second year. So I realized that I needed to continue to advertise, since my particular service as a wedding officiant isn’t thought of until a few months before the wedding. So, I advertised the next year and I’ve been advertising in the same magazine for the same venue (and now many others) ever since.”

“I understand that there is not “one way” to reach our goals, and I must to admit that I have tried many different ways to achieve them. I won’t say that I wasted my time and/ or my money because everything I have done has taken me to the place where I am today. But what I have to admit is that my work changed after I met Nancy and Ron Feller of Black-Tie Publishing. They connected me with so many vendors and venues in the industry that, if it were not for them, I would not have had a chance to meet these professionals. Before I made my investment with them my working rhythm was like 25 mph, now is like 100 mph. I think that I’m suffering vertigo. My customers list went from 25 to 250; I had to reject some customers because I had the days booked. My life has changed and I feel that I am going to the point where all my life dreams will be achieved. If somebody thought that there is a “customers bank account”, well, yes, there is and it is in Nancy and Ron Feller’s hands.”

“Black Tie Publishing has given us a beautiful resource to give to all our clients looking for caterers and vendors for their weddings, quinces, private parties and corporate events.

Ron and Nancy made it easy for us by doing all the leg work and creative design. We are proud to partner with some of the best event professionals in Miami and the booklet Black Tie designed for us showcases both them and us in the best way.

We can’t thank the Fellers enough for making a booklet that we are proud to hand out. ”